Excited about beginnings

I love starting a new book.

There’s just something to me about that first chapter, diving into a new story that I find exciting. The book is full of possibilities.

Now understand that I just don’t sit down in front of a white screen and start typing–well not quite, anyway. I always create a notebook first of all the details about the world, the characters, plot notes, a basic outline, and anything else I think I might need once I get writing. When I leap, I have all that supporting me, guiding me. That’s when the fun begins.

So I’m writing a romantic suspense novel, which means I get to start right in the middle of a crisis, an action scene.  That’s particularly fun. A chase scene. A murder. A broken heart.

See why I love beginnings?

My first two paragraphs. (Be aware this is fresh from my head, unedited):

Derwin Bryant never quit in a chase.

The skip he was pursuing was an Oddity, which was particularly annoying in this case because the guy could read minds and knew he was being pursued. Derwin figured his own unusual strengths wouldn’t be able to compensate for that, even though he’d powered up before heading out to apprehend the fugitive.

A light rain fell on the streets of the city of Nis, making the neon lights of the local porn shops and drugstores into pretty reflections on the asphalt. Derwin avoided a puddle as he ran down an alley, narrowly avoiding an overturned trash can. He grimaced at the smell of rotting food and old beer, as he checked the grip on his billy club. Up ahead he knew the alley ended in a dead end. No way that ole’ Jack was going to escape this time.


One thought on “Excited about beginnings

  1. Adrian says:

    This sound awesome! Can’t wait to read more.

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