An intro to a character

How odd am I that I’m completely enthralled with one of my characters after writing just the first paragraph introducing him?

Meet Elliot Leed, one of the protagonists of my upcoming gay suspense novel, Breaking and Entering.

Elliot stared into a cracked mirror, carefully applying eyeliner to accentuate his bright blue eyes. Somewhere else in the building he could hear the pounding of a factory machine, the yowl of a stray cat. He smirked; one could almost make a heavy metal song out of that. The room where he stood had once been a storage closet, but one wall had caved in, rendering it useless to the factory owners.

At the moment it served as his home sweet home.

He straightened as he decided he’d achieved the dramatic yet wide-eyed look that would bring him customers tonight. He hadn’t eaten all day, and his stomach rudely growled to remind him. Dressed in black leather pants and a pale blue silk shirt that had cost him a week’s earnings, he hoped that he’d achieved the kind of look that would attract a richer clientele. Maybe even enough to get him out of this hellhole.


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