Where’s the beef??

I’m moving right along on the m/m novel, soon to finish chapter 3, about 6500 words so far into the book. Target length–I’m thinking about 80,000. The romantic suspense genre could be shorter (60,000) but I know me. I have a hard time keeping a book that short. I’m very excited about how things are playing out so far, and I love my characters. I’ll probably leave talking about them for a future post.

As I write along, however, I find myself searching for other m/m and gay romance writers to chat with, share ideas, etc. I didn’t have this problem for my fantasy or science fiction. There are tons of groups with writers in those areas. But I’m finding the gay writing community is more closeted. GO FIGURE!  Isn’t it time to open that door, sweetie?

In my research I did find that Romance Writers of America (RWA) has a “Rainbow Writers” subsection. The problem with that, however, is the cost. $95 annually for RWA when only half my work falls into the romance genre, plus another $35 if I want to join the Rainbow group. It seems like a lot for something I’m not sure I’ll benefit from. I found a Yahoo group as well, so I’ll see how that goes. I’m already on the Goodreads group as well, but they aren’t as talkative as I’d like.

So where are all they m/m writers hanging out these days?  I want to meet you all!


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