Book Review: Break and Enter


Book: Break and Enter

Authors: Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov

Publisher: Samhain

Genre: m/m sci fi/thriller (gay romance)

So I’m a teensy bit biased since I know the writer and I’ve always loved her stuff. That being said, I really enjoyed this book.

This isn’t a long read–I’m estimating here, but maybe 50,000 words? Though it wasn’t long, it did feel like a complete story. Cyke, a human with cyborg implants (including his eye–ouch) is rescued repeatedly from near death by an EMT named Bear. There’s a lot of hurt/comfort, some good tension in breaking into a high security building, and even a torture session.

The violence is fairly graphic, including details of broken ribs and digging into a broken arm. The sex is graphic as well, but is actually more tender, particularly in contrast to their violent lifestyles. I liked the sci fi elements and futuristic feel. Cyke in particular has a good inner voice. There’s a lot of sarcasm and irony, and a little bit of humor. I’m curious to know more about his history and background, much of which is left in shadows.

I’d recommend this to those who like their m/m with a harder, more masculine edge. I imagine this appeals to both the two main audiences for gay romance, the bi/straight women as well as gay men.


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