Meet Derwin and Elliot

So I’m up to Chapter 5 now in my gay romantic suspense, getting into the first sex scene. Always fun to write! I kept having trouble picturing one of the protagonists, however. One I saw clearly–Elliot, the more submissive one. (Though apparently he’s turned out to be a hellcat in a fight. I love discovering things about the characters.) But the dominant one, Derwin, was nebulous. I knew he had dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, lots of muscles. But I couldn’t see him.

So naturally I decided to look up some stock photography for possible models. Good to have this in case I end up doing the cover as well, or if the publishing house I go with allows me some input.

I found them both.

First of all, meet Elliot Leed, a rent boy who can read objects with his hands. He wishes he couldn’t.


And meet Derwin Bryant, bounty hunter, with the ability to feed off pain to increase his strength and speed.


I haven’t been this excited about a project in years. Off to go continue writing!


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