Playlists and writing


I’ve often talked with other writers about what music they listen to when they’re writing.

I don’t always get to listen to music–sometimes I’m hurrying to get a paragraph or two written during my breaks at work on my Surface tablet. I also don’t always want music, particularly if it is a difficult scene where I have to pay attention to details rather than emotions.

However, on some projects I do create playlists to help me get into the mood to write emotionally packed scenes. I’ve noticed some characters more than others seem to demand their own music.

That’s the case with my latest project First, I’ve renamed it–the series will now be called “The Oddities Series” and the first book will be named “Murder One.” Each book will be titled with a different crime, but that one fit the first book perfectly. I’ve already shown my visions of what the two main characters look like, but now I’m learning their musical tastes as well.

Elliot seems to like Emo and Punk. Derwin, on the other hand, tends to go for solid 70’s rock. He also likes musicals like Les Mis, of all things. Go figure.

So among some of the songs I’ve been downloading lately, here are several:

  • Soundtrack to Moulin Rouge (that was Derwin’s fault)
  • 17 Crimes by AFI
  • Bulletproof Heart by MCR (actually I love them anyway so I bought the album, “Danger Days”.)
  • My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy (I also have another album by them)
  • Dream On, by Aerosmith (Derwin again)
  • Angel, by 30 Seconds to Mars (full album on my wish list)
  • Little Girl, by Green Day (Already have this–I have every Green Day song ever made because they’re my favorite band)
  • Thunderstruck by AC/DC (Derwin)
  • Black Betty by Ram Jam (Derwin)
  • Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas (Derwin)
  • Resistance, by Muse (already had this one but I want their latest album)

So how many others out there create playlists, I wonder?


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