Book Review: Dirty Kiss


Book: Dirty Kiss

Author; Rhys Ford


Genre:  M/M Mystery

Rating: ***** (5 stars!)

I’m pretty stingy with stars. It takes a really good book to pull that rating from me–the book has to be well-edited, good characters, good plot, and a little something extra.

This book has it all.

The mystery plot was good, hinting me towards the perpetrator while keeping the danger and suspense high. I really liked the Korean flavor which filtered through everything. (Small surprise there, as I’m white and my partner is Japanese, so I know all about the whole cultural difference thing.)

And the sex? HOT.

I really liked the sexual tension between Jae and McGinnis, and how things came together for them. There were some achingly sweet scenes together with spitfire and tension.  I also liked how McGinnis struggled with his past.

Oh, and the opening scene of the book is a hoot. Pulled me right in.

So yes, lots of good things to say about this book. I’ll definitely be looking at more of what Rhys Ford has to offer.


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