Book Review: Cover Up, by KC Burns


Book: Cover Up (Toronto Tales #2)

Author: KC Burns

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Genre: Gay Romantic Suspense

Heat: Medium

Rating: 4 stars

I actually haven’t read the first Toronto Tales book, but happily you don’t need to in order to enjoy this one. It seems like KC enjoys tearing down her characters because that’s exactly what she does in the book. It’s painful and thrilling at the same time, and the reader finds themself rooting for poor Ivan Bekker, the main character. He’s been thrust into a situation he’s not ready for, including undercover work, drug dealers, and PTSD. I love a good suffering hero.

The second character is a tried and true match–the younger innocent, needing both the protection and guidance of the older partner. But with the messed up situation, this isn’t exactly a formula for success. What’s more, KC bends things a little with the “fat kid gone skinny”, as well as a medical condition (sleep apnea), so that the younger character doesn’t even know he’s desirable.

Naturally hot sexual tension ensues. The sex in this book was very well done–not too little, not too much. Just right.

I enjoyed the interplay between characters in this book. The action stayed for the most part on an even keel, but there was enough tension to keep me interested. I think my only complaint is that for a story set in Toronto, I didn’t get a sense of the city at all. This could have taken place anywhere. But the characters were good, and for me, that’s what matters most.

Rating:  Four out of Five stars.


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