Book Review: Skybound


Book: Skybound

Author: Aleksandr Voinov

Publisher: Riptide

Genre: M/M historical

Heat: some–one scene.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I think I must’ve been a soldier in WWII in another life, because something about reading or seeing footage from that time period just speaks to me, feels familiar. So naturally, when I saw that Aleksandr had written something in that time period, about German soldiers no less (I speak fairly fluent German), well, I just had to read it. And it was good.

There is immediate tension between fighter pilot Baldur and “black man” Felix–the first tension being their differences in status, as Felix is just a lowly mechanic. This is not your mushy heart-on-sleeve m/m; it is gritty and almost cold between them, and yet a deep connection is made. This is the sort of story that I only wish was longer than a novella.

The story really only contains a few scenes, but all of them are poignant. The tension is held throughout, right up until the ending, and as is typical for a Riptide book, the editing is excellent. Felix’s emotions, kept mostly close to himself, are almost painful to read, which I loved. One last little note–I know the author is of German descent. I was an exchange student there, and I sense a real national identity in this story that feels authentic. If you know Germans, this feels German. And I appreciate that.

So this is not something to read if you want light-hearted comedy, but if you like to delve into the darker side of romance and history, I definitely recommend “Skybound.”


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