Valentine’s Day Blog Hop with Drabbles!

I’m involved with an M/M writing critique group over on Yahoo, with several writers publishing both traditionally and independently. We decided for this Valentine’s day to write flash fiction for either a book we currently have out, or one in development. I’ll be posting a drabble featuring Derwin and Elliot from my upcoming novel, Murder One: Book One of the Oddities.

Meanwhile you can check out the rest of our stories in the links below!!!  Jenna and Heloise are first, with Jenna featuring her boys from Shoes and Ties, available from Loose ID.

Valentine’s Blog Hop:

14th: Jena  and Heloise

15th: Amelia   and Mina

16th: Kimber  and Shiloh

17th: Eva and Az

18th: Dakota  , Jade  , and Crane

19th: JT   and ND

20th: Evelise  , Kate  , and Skye

Check out the goodness!


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