Book Review: A Nightmare Come True


Book: A Nightmare Come True

Author: Sage Marlowe

Publisher: Totally Bound

Genre: M/M Paranormal

Heat: Explicit

Rating: 3 stars

I’ve been putting off reviewing this one because I felt ambivalent about it. The sex was really good, and it’s a sexy set up and an interesting concept. But I never felt comfortable while reading the book. There was just this current of creepy that pervaded it, so by the end even I wasn’t sure if the two men should end up together. That’s not really a good thing in a romance book.

Basic premise–young guy gets a job helping out at a porn studio where he gets to watch his favorite porn star. When they need a fill in, he gets called in to participate. He gets to know his idol, and ends up taking him home. The catch? His idol seems to leave a wake of destruction all around him. Okay, maybe that’s a bit overdramatic. His love interests seem to fall ill an awful lot.

Now since the Amazon blurb gives it away, I can tell you, he’s an incubus. He feeds off sexual energy. And that was what drew me to the book. But the way it all plays out left me feeling weird and unclean. I’m not sure that’s what the author intended. So because of that, I give it three stars. The group sex part was very hot (didn’t like the first voyeur scene, but then I don’t like sex scenes that have the danger of being caught. Just not my thing.)

So I can see why the book has earned many five star reviews, for the hot factor alone. Just not for me. I think if I had to put my finger on why, it’s the emotional bond between Mike and Colin–or almost the lack of one. It may be because the blossoming of their relationship is mostly skipped over and summarized, so I didn’t get to really feet it change. But I just didn’t feel the love.


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