Book Review: To Adam With Love


Title: To Adam With Love

Author: Adrienne Wilder

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Genre: M/M Paranormal

Heat: High

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I fell in love with this writer from her latest book, Seven, and had to go look to see what else she had out there.

This books might have been the first from Adrienne, and I can feel the difference in experience–the prose is not quite as smooth and I had issues with the ending. But I still see her marvelous ways with emotion and character. I was intrigued by the idea of a “dragon” species, and in this area Adrienne excelled with her world building and the exotic nature of the Kin.  I loved how strange and inhuman the Kin and their ways felt, as well as the character Ean, a human who has grown up raised by the dragon folk. Ean falls for Adam, a half-Kin who is destined to always be at the mercy of his hunger and needs, which include both sex and raw flesh–possibly human.

There was great tension in the book, which only increased as things progressed. It looked like a hopeless situation by the end, and I think events transpired really the only way they could. I won’t give any spoilers, but be prepared that not everybody in this book has a happy ending. Adrienne made an intriguing choice to have each chapter divided up into two parts, a flashback to Adam and Ean’s childhood, and then the present day, so it was like watching two stories unfold at once. I liked this approach, which did a good job of digging into who these men were and are.

My only quip was in the resolution. Not the climax or how things turned out–as I said earlier, I think things turned out exactly as  they had to, given the nature of the Kin beasts, Adam’s struggles, and everything else. But I felt things were wrapped up too quickly. I’m not always a fan of the epilogue but I think this book needed one to that it could FEEL finished. I was left looking to see if there was a sequel because I didn’t get to see the characters have a moment after the climax. I needed that, so the book left me feeling unsatisfied. Thus the three stars.

So all in all a good book, with just the issue of the resolution and ending. I’m definitely getting the next Gray Zone book, knowing that this was an early work by the writer and that her latest book has shown tremendous growth. She’s become a favorite of mine because of the drama and characterizations she excels at.


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