Bunnies! ACK!!!

So I’m driving home last night, thinking about stories that I need to work on. I have this annoying 2500 word gay erotica piece that is sitting on my computer doing nothing, and I want to self-publish it. But 2500 words is way too short.

I had originally intended another short story to go with it, but after I wrote it, I realized the new story, “Fixer Upper”, was a totally different kind of story, and perfect for a few anthology calls out there right now. So at the moment it’s over with Dreamspinner. If it doesn’t make it there, I’m sending it to Riptide. That still leaves me with this other dinky story.

So I got to thinking.

And then the bunnies attacked.

The short story features Brent, a bully who wants to be taken down, and Craig, who works at the local 7-Eleven. Craig’s a big tough guy, and the scenario is simple–he takes Brent into the back room and “forces” the man to suck him off. The story’ s titled “Big Gulp.” Yeah, it’s silly, I know.

My original idea for a companion piece was going to be about masturbation, and I was going to call that one “Self Serve.” But since it morphed into something else, I went back to the idea and realized it would be better if I used the same characters. Only this time there’s a third guy, a more submissive but still muscular guy, who has a thing for Brent even though he’s a bully asshole. So maybe he sees what Brent and Craig are up to and goes to jerk off somewhere. Okay, another simple story. But wait, there’s more!

Because now I’ve got three guys. So what could be more natural than to close the circle, and write yet another story, this one from Craig’s viewpoint? He’s the Uberdom, so naturally it will be about teaching Brent the bully to behave himself and be a good switch, fuck Alex and in turn be fucked by Craig. In the end I’ll have three interconnected short stories, perfect to either turn into some kind of novella or self publish as a collection.

This and I still have a lesbian erotica story I started writing, and an idea for another heterosexual piece involving Japanese rope bondage.

I really do wish sleep was optional some times, so I could trap and finish off all these bunnies.


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