Thoughts about a funny woman

I didn’t really want to do a review in this case–I recently finished Ellen DeGeneres’s third book, “Seriously…I’m Kidding.” I love her show, I love Ellen, so it’s really not surprising that I loved the book. It made me smile pretty much the whole way through.

But let’s talk about this woman, now.

I’ll confess that when she began rising up into stardom, I really didn’t know or follow her much. I think my first real exposure was Ellen as Doris in “Finding Nemo.” I heard on the news about the big deal when she came out, but I still wasn’t really paying much attention. I didn’t really start to watch her until my partner hooked me onto the show.

Man, that’s one funny lady.

I find it interesting that even on Wikipedia, there’s really not that much about Ellen’s private life, which means she’s done a very good job of keeping it private. She’s hinted a time or two that she’s struggled with depression, which seems to be a common thread among comedians. (Humor is their battle armor? Maybe.)

But what a caring, giving woman. Even though there are little jabs here and there at people’s bad habits or behaviors, Ellen always tries to make her messages positive. She’s kind of like Mary Poppins–a little sugar makes the medicine go down. I rolled my eyes when some people criticized some of her jokes while hosting the Oscars. Those people had obviously never watched an Ellen Show before–most of the people she directed jokes towards, she’s had on the show, so it’s actually a little “in” joke between them.

So another careful little message to people. Be cautious about judging people. You may not have all the facts.

Anyways, I had a rough weekend dealing with my teenager who has been sneaking around trying to avoid her punishment, so I really needed a good laugh. Thank you, Ellen. for brightening up my day.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts about a funny woman

  1. kittenmeari says:

    If you’re looking for another funny book read Jenny Lawson’s book. So funny I think I hurt myself.

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