Tooting the horn for others

I don’t really have a lot to say today–in my work in progress I’ve reached 60,000 words, on a book that I originally thought would be about 80,000 words long. (Now I’m thinking it’ll be closer to 90k or so, at least). I never seem to write short books, ah well. But I’m happy with where things are going and the writers critique comments the book has received so far.

Meanwhile, I want to give some shout outs for my fellow workshop writers:

Available now!  Juicy Bits Anthology, featuring a historical short story by Heloise West. Renaissance Italy. Sculpting. And a mysterious stranger lying comatose in the garden.

Also check out “Love You Forever”  by Amelia Bishop! Contemporary romance with some characters making bad decisions.

Last, another short story in an anthology by Eva Lafoy, another of my lovely workshop writers! The anthology is entitled “Tentacles”–hmm, gee, I wonder what that could be about? 🙂   In “Solar Pioneer”, Eva takes on a science fiction favorite, the alien taking over the space station.





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