Happy Anniversary to me and a cover reveal

It’s my one year anniversary on WordPress! And today I’m celebrating this with a cover reveal for a soon-to-be-released lesbian erotic short story, Costume Party. I know it’s been a while since I last uploaded something. I’ve been busy writing things and submitting them to anthology calls first. But this one didn’t find a home, and so I’ll be doing it myself. It’s a cozy little tale about spicing up the love life with a little dressing up.

Busty woman in black corset, studio shot on beige background

That’s my first time playing with smoke effects in Photoshop, and I think I like how it turned out.

I also went back and made a few changes to my other lesbian short erotica piece, making the title larger to stand out more:

old version: B Brigade v4 thumbnail

New version: B Brigade v5 300

Now here’s the funny thing. This weekend I sold a few copies of this one without the changes? I wonder if it’ll make a difference looking forward.

Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to write! I plan to have a full collection of hetero, gay, and lesbian short erotic titles for sale.



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