Release day! Lesbian erotic short story: “Costume Party”

It’s officially the release day for another of my short erotic fiction pieces. Costume Party is a sweet but hot little read, now on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. I’ll be continuing to write and put out short erotic fiction as I work on my longer novel-length projects.

Cover of Costume Party

(A Lesbian Lovers Tale)

Never let the soup grow cold.

When Joyce realizes that her relationship with her girlfriend Sophie has grown tame, she decides to spice things up with a little costume play. A friend is holding a fetish Halloween party, which is the perfect opportunity. Butch Sophie agrees to wear a corset and skirt, while femme Joyce puts on a suit and mustache. And a strap on.

They never realized how hot changing clothing could ever be. The only question is, will they even make it to the party?



Apparently Kobo and Barnes and Noble are taking their time getting it up. More links to come.


And I have a confession to make. This tale has some truth to it, in that I’ve struggled to maintain excitement with my partner of EIGHT years. I love her very much but it’s really hard when you both work full time to maintain a healthy life in the bedroom. So this story is dedicated to TK, my partner and lifemate.

And I also dedicate the party to all my kinky friends. Heh.


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