Book Review: Chicken Ranch: Hunger


Book: Chicken Ranch 1: Hunger

Author: Amanda Young


Genre: M/M Contemporary

Heat level: medium

Rating: 3 stars

Meh. That was pretty much how I felt about this one. The writing was okay, the characters were okay. Everything was . . . just okay.

It could have been a whole lot more.

I liked the whole premise. Young innocent man kicked out of his house must turn to being a whore at a place called the Chicken Ranch to survive, and his first client is a shy hunk with a stutter. So far so good. And the first part of this was nice; I liked the initial scene between the two of them.

But from there, things remained relatively flat. Young sets up this hunky but nerdy guy with a stutter, but in the entire book I think he only stutters once, and it’s not really a problem. I wanted to see more drama, more tension, just more than saccharin sweet tale. That’s pretty much what the book was. There weren’t really any levels other than one fight, and I never really felt much for the characters. So much potential for inner struggles, but it just wasn’t there.

So if you want a low stress, sweet romance, you’ll enjoy this. But if you’re looking for something with more substance and grit, this isn’t the book I’d recommend. A nice diversion for an afternoon, and that’s about it.


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