Review: Long Time Gone (Hell or High Water #2)

long time


Book:  Long Time Gone

Series: Hell or Highwater (#2)

Author: S.E. Jakes

Publisher: Riptide

Genre: M/M Thriller

Heat rating:  Smokin’

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

I really enjoy all of S.E. Jake’s works, and this is no exception. Prophet and Tom are characters with a lot of passion and a lot of secrets, and some really great chemistry. The best thing about this particular installment of the Hell/Highwater series is that Jakes explores all of these areas, particularly Tom’s secrets.

In Long Time Gone, things rush right in with a hurricane in Tom’s native New Orleans, and go from bad to worse when an old murder is brought up. Of course in between the action scenes there was plenty of sex and tension. And alligator wrestling, which was a nice touch.

Better yet, the book nicely sets up things for the next book, which I’ll definitely be getting. Overall, I loved the atmosphere of this book. Jakes made great use of location with the bayou and French Quarter and Louisiana in general. Definitely recommend.


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