A new LGBT mystery series on the horizon

And the plot bunnies are back. I managed to hold off this one for a while; the idea first came to me in a vivid dream, no doubt spurred by watching too many episodes of Rizzoli and Isles. Two college-aged girls solving a mystery, a geek and a jock, who eventually fall for each other. A light-hearted contemporary mystery series at some unnamed college campus with lesbians as the crime solvers. I haven’t seen too many of those floating about.

I jotted down a quick note, and continued writing my gay paranormal mystery novel.

Now, however, I’m getting close to the climax in that book (70,000 words written, and an estimated 20,000 or less to go!). The bunny is back in my brain, gnawing at me to flesh out more details.

So I’m doing that now. For each book I use a blank spiral notebook where I jot down all the things that come to me–character descriptions, plot ideas, a beginning scene, research about the setting, basically anything that will help when I get to the actual writing. These girls are starting to take form. Naturally I want to talk about them, like any proud “parent.”

First there is Rosilyn “Ross” Cooper. She’s the jock, playing sports like tennis, softball, and kickboxing. Don’t let the last name fool you; she takes after her mother as a proud Hispanic, with four siblings, mostly older. She’s confident, outgoing, and prefers action over thinking.

Then there’s Allison “Ally” Hoffman. the geek. She’s an only child; her mother is a physician’s assistant and her father is a surgeon. She devours books like candy, loves mysteries, and wants to be a forensic toxicologist or work in the genetics lab. She’s also socially inept and hopeless at anything physical.

So yes, there are obvious echoes of some of your classic duos here. Cagney and Lacey, Moonlighters, maybe even the Odd Couple.  I’m hoping with the younger age of the detectives and the rainbow spin on this that the series will talk to a broader audience. It’s certainly something I’d like to read.

Now I just have to figure out what the crime was. And how they’ll solve it.


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