Cover Reveal: The Foreman

I know it’s taken me long enough. But I’ve been hard at work writing, and now the first of my gay erotic fiction is ready for publication! Below is the cover for my soon to be released M/M contemporary short (warnings for mild domination/submission and just a touch of BDSM). “The Foreman” will be published on September 1.

I’m sending out the ARC now to reviewers. If you’d like to read and post a review to Goodreads and Amazon, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. This is a short story of about 7000 words.

Back Camera Back Camera

Now very quickly, I’d like to discuss this cover. I designed it, based on a couple stock photographs I got over at bigstock. You can see the original images here with the first image (our model) on top of a basic cement stock photo background. Note the differences in color and lighting.

Back Camera

I then went in and did filter adjustments to add spot lighting effects, and altered the color of the guy to bring in warmer tones, differentiating it from the gray background. If you look at romance covers, rarely do they use the actual skin tone; it’s usually been enhanced to heighten the warm colors and come across as more “fleshy.” I actually did different spotlights for the model and the background because to get that black fadeout effect would have caused the model’s body to white out a lot more. I used another stock image for the steel bar at the bottom, then Impact 2.0 font for the title with a little drop shadow. I always use just the simple Times New Roman for my name (boring, I know, but I just really like how it looks). And voila!  My cover.

This is targeting both the M/M audience with a lot of female readers, but also the gay male audience and their love of furry bears. I’ve already gotten the comments from women “Man does he have a hairy chest!” Yes he does. He’s a bear. I can’t tell you how many of my gay friends go on and on about how hot bears are. So enjoy, guys!

Synopsis: Tim’s got a problem with his new job as a carpenter, but it’s not a problem he can easily fix. His foreman, Gary Zucker is just too damned sexy. With a mustache, hairy arms and a solid gut, Gary exudes power and confidence, and it’s driving Tim crazy. When Gary notices Tim’s attraction, he figures it’s all over.

And then Gary surprises him.

First at his truck, while Tim is trying to get in a quick hand job to take care of his “problem.” Gary shows that he knows how to be the boss in more than one way. Then Gary surprises Tim again, when he invites Tim over to his place after work. The question remains if this will be a one time thing, or something more.


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