Book Review: The First Three Rules


Book:  The First Three Rules

Series: My Brother’s Keeper (Book 1)

Author: Adrienne Wilder


Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

There’s always that hint of otherworldly influences in Adrienne’s works, and this book was no exception. Meet Rudy, a big brother in size but not in mind, who has something of a touch of what Stephen King would call the “shining”–he can find things, sense things. Rudy has some kind of developmental disability but we’re never told exactly what. He could be autistic, or simply mentally retarded. But he’s very special. 

Then there’s Jon and Ellis. Each of them has a few issues as well–for Jon, it’s the fact that he’s suicidal and suffering from PTSD after a horrific bust gone bad. For Ellis, it’s the fact that he’s never been able to develop socially since he’s been taking care of his mentally challenged brother since childhood. They’re a good pair, but they don’t know it.

The story really came together nicely. Adrienne’s a master craftsman of a tale, weaving things in at just the right moment. Things are never dull, but it’s only towards the end that some of the really deep problems start to arise. Just another success, I suppose, and yes, I’ll be buying the next book. Great book!


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