Talkin’ Bears on L. Dean Pace-Frech’s blog

He actually posted this several days back, but I’ve been too busy to link it. As a final wrap up to my release of my bear/twink story, “The Foreman”, I guest posted on his blog and talked about the scarcity of good gay bear fiction in gay romance.

Back Camera

Also in celebration of this, I want to share a couple pictures of some bears in my life, who sponsored me into a wonderful volunteer organization. The Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have done incredible work for LGBT (etc) causes in Arizona, including raising money for organizations like AIDS Walk, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Logan’s Playground, One in Ten LGBT Youth Center, Don’t Be A Chump; Look for A Lump (breast cancer research), and more.

My “mother” and “grandmother”, Sister Jinger Breadmann and Sister Bearie D’licious.


(find out more here: ) (I’m Sister Amora Dat)


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