Book Review: Widdershins


Book:  Widdershins

Author: Jordan L. Hawk

Publisher: self-published

Genre:  M/M paranormal mystery

Heat level: On the milder side

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

I thought this was a cute book. I’m always on the lookout for good m/m paranormal that doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves, so I was happy to see that Jordan went a different way with this world and plot. Necromancers and zombies for the win! I also liked the horror and suspense aspects of the book. The actions scenes were well done, and the mystery unfolded with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. I particularly liked the Victorian setting and the rather “Sherlock Holmes” flavor to the world.

The romance between Percival (“Ival”) and Griffin was sweet. A bookwork and a private investigator with a skeleton or two in his closet, they were a good pair with a big difference in personalities. It took me a little bit to become invested in Ival, but that’s part of the transformation of his character, from shy, reserved historian to a guy trying to save the world. Another nice touch was a female with spirit who isn’t a rival or villain.

If you enjoy more of the classic horror and mystery novels from the turn of the last century together with some m/m romance, I’d highly recommend this book.


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