A general update on what’s to come


So the shine has faded from my first m/m story out, and it’s back to the grindstone, lol. I’ve been busy with a few projects–one is a contemporary M/M/M that also involves construction workers, currently being considered at a publishing house. I should have word back on that one in the next month.

I’m also busy writing a M/F BDSM novelette, entitled “Juliet’s Orders” which should be done by the end of October or November. I plan on self-publishing that one, because I got the idea looking at a premade cover (which I then promptly purchased). It’s a college femme domme story with a bit of humor and romance thrown in, in the spirit of “Ten Things I Hate About You.” I’ll wait until the story is complete before I do the cover reveal.

Also nearing completion is my first m/m novel, a paranormal mystery/suspense in a world where humans eke out their existence in walled cities surrounded by demon-infested wilderness. I’m really exited about this one, and the feedback from the House of Manlove critique group has been really great.

Last, I’m researching Sumatra, Bali, and tigers. Why, you say?  Ah, it’s another premade cover that drew me in and hooked me. I’d never thought about writing a shifter story, but hey, it’s tigers. While I may be tired of werewolves, a weretiger is an entirely different story. And I want to pull in the efforts to save the Sumatran tiger and the loss of their habitat as well. I’m planning on a 40,000 word novella, but I know me. It’ll probably end up novel-length. Right now I’m just learning about the setting, the culture, and getting to know the two characters, Donovan McGinnis, who is a Ranger transported from Scotland, and Kersen, a native of Bali.

The title will be “Forest of Thorns and Claws.”

Progress:  Juliet’s Orders:

Progress: Murder One (Book One of the Oddity Series)

9504 / 15000 words. 63% done!



76895 / 90000 words. 85% done!


Progress: Forest of Thorns and Claws

(Planning Stage)



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