Book Review: Sinner’s Gin


Title:  Sinner’s Gin

Author:  Rhys Ford

Series: Sinner

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Heat level: Medium

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As with Rhys’s Cole McGinnis series, this was an enjoyable read with part humor, part sexy times, and part nailbiter suspense. I don’t read a lot of rocker romance, but I like Rhys’s characters enough that I was willing to give it a try. The book didn’t disappoint.

Miki was a heart wrenching character, but never weak despite his physical ailments and his traumatic past. Rhys doesn’t treat his nicely and circumstances force the young man to deal with one demon after another, including the ugly side of fame, the ugly side of abuse, and more comically, the ugly side of a busybody Irish mother. (Or mother of his boyfriend, anyways, which equates to the same thing in the woman’s mind). I like how Rhys has an interplay of pain with humor. There was also a sweetness in the sexual scenes that was unique to this book.

I was already familiar with Rhys’s ability to capture California’s Asian cultures, but in this book an equal effort is made to convey the Irish American culture as well. Rhys’s characters really shine through. I think it’s the attention to detail that makes me really like these books.



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