Book Review: The Slave Catcher

Book: The Slave Catcher

Author: Lilia Ford

Publisher: Lillia Ford Romance LLC

Genre: MM romance / science fiction

Heat level: Hot for a novella!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


I’ve enjoyed science fiction ever since I was young. So it’s always a treat to me to find mm romance with a science fiction world and subplot. I enjoyed this novella, enough that I hope to see Ford return to this world with more stories in the future.

The beginning takes a little to establish the world, which some readers found hard to get into. But for those who have read a lot of science fiction, I actually thought Ford did a good job setting up the world and the different races coming together there with their different beliefs and practices. Sam Beron is sort of set up as a kind of Sam Spade in the tradition of the old film noir detective stories. While his people abhor the idea of slavery, he finds himself having to hunt for one for what he considers the most dangerous race, the Borothians.

The slaves and the bonds with their masters was brilliantly rendered, and every character seem well-rounded, which is hard to do in shorter fiction. The end scene was hot and I loved all the sexual tension throughout the story. For fans of both mm romance and science fiction, I recommend this book.


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