Oh lord. Another plot bunny.

Edits are nearly done on Juliet’s Orders, and I should have copies out to critiquers in a day or two. The last chapters of Murder One are really coming along–I wrote 1500 words yesterday!  And I’ve written the first 1000 words of my new M/M weretiger novel, Forest of Thorns and Claws.

Now I have another plot bunny tugging on my shirt.

This one’s a YA M/M paranormal, with two boys in high school who don’t fit in. I see them in my head–the first is blond, tan, a surfer. He’s also half human, half sea nymph–his dad came from the sea. He’s got the power to talk to creatures who live in or around the ocean, including seagulls, dolphins, whales and larger sea life. He’s not a merman, can’t live in the sea, although he can hold his breath a really long time. He feels like a freak, not really of the fae, but not of humans either. And he’s lonely. I’m calling him Lucas, which means “light” in Greek.

The second guy is from New York, recently transplanted to Los Angeles. He’s dark in more ways than one–black hair, grey-green eyes, olive skin, and a fascination with dead things. His parents are Romanian, and his mother was Romanji, a gypsy. He likes to draw, and he hates his life. Since his mother’s passed away, his dad had to move to California for a new job. He misses his friends in New York, he hates the clear sunny weather, and he’d rather be in a cold drizzle with some real New York pizza. He has a talent for reading Tarot cards and precognition, which he usually tries to suppress. He’s also an outsider. I’m naming him “Adrian” which means “dark” in Romanian.

I plan for this one to be about 20k to 40k. The real question for me will be their ages, and what is acceptable as far as sex in YA fiction. I haven’t done “sweet” with M/M romance before.

Something new!



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