Hitting Black Ice releases December 2, 2014

You definitely need to check this out. Heloise is an awesome writer, and she’s helped me whip some of my stuff into shape as well.



Violence spills into the local ER, catching Hunter and Shawn in the crossfire. In the aftermath, buried passion explodes, pulling them into a hot encounter that leaves both men wanting more. Each man has good reason to keep his distance, but when the past catches up with Shawn, they must run for their lives.

At least they’re running together.

(My baby…*blinkblink*)

An Excerpt:

Hunter watched Shawn take a few more sips, which he seemed to like, his amusement twinkling in his eyes when he saw how outrageously floored Hunter was that Shawn was here. He put the wine glass down and toed off first one Converse, then the other, revealing cold-looking pale bare feet. He grabbed the hem of the flannel and the T-shirt as one and pulled it off over his head. When Shawn reached for the belt buckle of his jeans, Hunter found his voice.

“Stop,” he said.

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