Book Review: Ask the Oracle


Title:  Ask the Oracle

Author: J.J. Black

Publisher: Totally Bound

Genre:  M/M Paranormal

Heat level: Medium

Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars

This book had a great premise. In a world where humans, fae, werecreatures, and demons exist, you also have a select few known as “Oracles” who can see visions of past, present, and future. When one such Oracle is approached by a demon to investigate the death of Lucifer, all hell breaks loose (lol pun intended.) The plot beats were simple enough, so the structure was okay. But the writing was really uneven. Every time I almost got into it, something pulled me out.

The problem was the writer tried to focus on too many things all at once. There’d be a great buildup of tension in the main mystery plot, and JUST as I was feeling that tension, the focus would do a hard turn left and move instead to the lust/attraction between Gray and Dreo in a really awkward fashion. This left me not feeling the tension from the mystery/suspense part of the plot, and not feeling the attraction/sexual tension between the two either. I just wanted the writer to concentrate on one thing well and then move to the next without moving around like a ping pong ball.

I know this was traditionally published, but Totally Bound could have done a better job editing. Overall, I found myself skimming large sections (including the love scenes) and not really feeling satisfied with the book.


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