Book is done! Time for a beer.


So I actually meant to post this on Friday, but I was too ready for a beer and too lazy to post.

I finished Murder One, my first full length gay romance novel!!!!

It clocks in (unedited) at 89,750 words, and is a paranormal mystery/suspense taking place on an alternate Earth overridden by supernatural demons and monsters. The United States is more like the Confederacy of United City/States, where each city or township must be walled off from the dangerous wilderness where monsters run amuck. The government holds a lot of power, and just as in America today, corporations blend with government until they almost become indistinguishable. I based the demon mythology on Asian lore, so they’re not your typical fare.

In addition, there are some individuals born with special abilities. These individuals are not popular with the general population, and are called “Oddities” for their inability to fit in. Some of the types known are Telepaths, Object Readers, Incubi (feed on lust), and Interrogators (feed on pain, used by the government as the name implies).

I’ll be busy editing this sucker now, and it’ll go out to the main publishers, so I won’t be able to post much here. But you can find the first chapter over on Wattpad:

Enjoy!  Now I have to get back to my newest projects–the M/M weretiger and YA paranormal M/M.

Oh, and I should also mention that my M/M/M novella was accepted by Torquere!  I’ll send out more details once I have them.


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