Review: Complementary Colors

com colors

Title:  Complimentary Colors

Author: Adrienne Wilder

Publisher: Adrienne Wilder

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I’ve learned that when I open a book by Adrienne Wilder, I’m in for an emotional ride deep into the rabbit hole.

Complimentary Colors doesn’t disappoint in this aspect at all (and even has the rabbit), and by the end I felt like I’d been through a wringer.  The other books I’ve read by Wilder have been paranormal, which I love. So I was apprehensive about what looked like a typical contemporary romance. I shouldn’t have feared a thing. The book may stay mostly in the real world (it drifts into art or imagination at times) but there’s such a psychological side to it that it might as well have been. The plot explores the depths of mental health, recovery, and madness.

I liked the characters as well. Even though Paris was actually technically “crazy” and acts crazy, he’s got enough humor and snark to keep things from getting too heavy. Roy was a good stabilizing force. The mystery about what happened in the past was revealed slowly, in a satisfying way.

Plus the sex was hot.

So yes, five stars from me. I think all readers of M/M romance will find something they like in this book.


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