Review: Tiger Boys



Title: Tiger Boys

Author: Linda Gayle

Publisher: Linda Gayle

Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Okay I admit it–I don’t read a lot of shifter books, mostly because I’m sick of the whole vampire/werewolf thing. Tigers, on the other hand? Oh hell yes, with a cherry on top. And I admit that I went looking for this book because my inner muse had come up with an idea to write a tiger shifter book. This one looked promising, so I got it.

And it was good.

Ms. Gayle obviously has read up on her weretiger mythology, and chose the sorcerer path and a full Russian culture to go along with that. I love the new created mythology she came up with, which brought a suspenseful subplot to the book. It was very well done. I liked Sergei and the prince, and there was the added appeal of first time on top of everything else. The villain was just a little cartoonish, but I liked that he had an accomplice who was much more complicated in motivations and goals.

The magic was well done, although the part in the lake made me a little uncomfortable. There’s also a squick factor with the villain, but I won’t go into details. Overall, I enjoyed the book and it looks like there’s a cockatrice story I’ll have to check out as well.



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