Review: Gear Heart


Book: Gear Heart

Author: Hollis Shiloh

Genre: M/M Steampunk

Length: Novella

Heat: Medium

Rating: 3 stars

I like steampunk, and it’s somewhat hard to find. So when I read the blurb for this novella, I found it intriguing and downloaded a copy. The premise is good–a quirky old scientist treats war veterans with somewhat magical mechanical body parts. One such fellow, Auden, happens to require a mechanical heart. When the old scientists begins receiving death threats, a police detective, Owen, is called in to help.

Great set up, but not much happened. The romance was okay (as well as the sex) but I never really felt any tension in the situation, particularly the alleged danger to the scientist. In fact, he remains off camera for most of the book. There’s one small encounter with a nephew, but it’s quickly handled. I would have liked to see more risk to all the characters, more danger, more adventure. Without greater risk, the rewards are less felt by the reader.

In addition, there were some editing issues, particularly in the middle of the book. Tenses kept changing (past to present) which distracted me. So I found it an okay read, but not a great one.


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