Apologies, “Juliet’s Orders” now on sale!

I’d like to apologize to those who follow my email newsletter. One was sent out at the beginning of the week telling subscribers that there would be a 99 cent sale today for Juliet’s Orders on Amazon.

Well, Amazon screwed up, and didn’t reset the price. It should be set sometime today, so please keep checking. Due to this error, I’ll leave it at the 99 cent price (regular price $2.99) until Monday. Then I’ll change it back. I’ll also be doing a 99 cent promo near the end of the month, from Feb. 24-26. I HOPE that Amazon gets it right then!!

Thanks for all your support!

For my M/M readers, you’ll be happy to know that I’m halfway through writing the sequel to The Foreman.

It’s gonna be good. *evil grin*

Edited to Add:  The price has been reduced!  Enjoy the 99 cent price while it lasts.


juliets orders 250


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