Juliet’s Orders on Sale, Feb. 23-25

Okay, after the fiasco of last time, I lowered the price ahead of schedule this time. So today through Wednesday, you can grab the BDSM chick lit, “Juliet’s Orders” for only 99 cents on Amazon!  http://www.amazon.com/Juliets-Orders-Femdom-Erotic-Short-ebook/dp/B00PHH9GII/

juliets orders 250


A BDSM Chick-Lit!

Brainy but beautiful Juliet has an annoying problem–her college classmate Russell keeps bugging her for a date. He’s a jock, brash and arrogant, and he has absolutely no idea that he’s playing with fire. For Juliet has a secret. At school, she may be the class nerd. But by night, she likes to spank and discipline men.

Russell makes a bet that she can’t dress up in a sexy schoolgirl outfit and pretend to have an orgasm at lunch. Juliet takes him up on it, with the threat that if she wins the bet, he gets to be her slave for an evening. That means he’ll have to wear what she says, and be respectful and submit. Most of all, it means taking Juliet’s orders, whatever they may be.

Let the games begin.


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