Participating in Goodread’s “Love is an Open Road” event

I’m probably crazy. No, strike that. I’m definitely crazy.  I currently have five projects in progress, and yet I couldn’t seem to help myself when the buzz started for the Goodreads M/M Romance group for their annual writing event, “Don’t Read in the Closet.” This year the title is “Love is an Open Road,” and they’ve been posting pretty pictures and prompts all weekend. Normally I’m busy on weekends, but it just happened that my honey was out of town, so I had ample computer time to peruse and eventually be snared by a prompt.

It’s this guy’s fault.:  Second cop

I mean, come on. How cute is he? That together with the prompt got me interested–a funny tale of two vice cops breaking into a modeling center which is a front for a prostitution ring. There’s a new model there as well, on his first shoot, when the cops break in and tell him to freeze. And both the cops are eyeing this new model with smirks. They’re planning something.

So it’s basically a threesome, and BDSM was encouraged. I’ll be working on the outline for the next few days as I wrap up writing on a short story I’m working on. I was going to start the next book for the Oddities series next, but I think I’ll delay that until this one’s done. I’m anticipating novellette length, maybe 12,000 words or so. I liked the prompt because it wasn’t going to require a novel!

And now I’m researching vice cops. Which in its own way is kinda fun.


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