Updates on projects

Full steam ahead!  Okay, today I finished two short stories, one for another pen name, and the other is the sequel to The Foreman. I’ll let that sit for the rest of the week, send it off to my writers critique group, beta it, and get it published. I’ve already made the cover, so I’ll be posting that next week. I’m debating when to publish it because of my upcoming surgery.  I may wait until I’m back to work, say around April 20th or so.

In other news, I sent off Murder One: Book One of the Oddities Series, my M/M paranormal suspense/mystery to Riptide. Eep!  My first novel submission!  Yeah the wait’s going to kill me. But I’d really like this book and the series to find a good home.

And last, I’ve been researching vice cops, prostitution rings, and Samoan names for my Don’t Read in the Closet novella, which must be written AND edited/beta’d by May 1st. That’s going to be a tight deadline, so I’ll be putting a few other things on hold until I crank out this baby. Then I can get back to working on the m/m weretiger novel and the YA paranormal, as well as the next book in the Oddities series.

So here’s the other cop in the DRinC novella. (Yes, he’s a well-known wrestler, but nevermind that. This is a character, no relation to the wrestler other than appearance.)

1st cop


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