Guest Post: Amelia Bishop


Today on my blog I have Amelia Bishop, author of Night Vision which just recently came out. I’m sick of vampires, but I really liked the night creature she presented in her book, which I was fortunate enough to read as part of the House of Manlove writers critique group. Find out more!

A little more about the strige…

Hi! Amelia Bishop here, thank you JT for having me J JT asked if I could give a bit more information about the creature in my latest release Night Vision, the strige.

I came up with this character by combining several myths. The Strigoi (vampires) of Romanian legend, and the Strega (witches) of Italian myth. In my searching, I found this picture:


Creepy, right?

And the web page I found it on had some inspiring text:

“the Romanian living vampires rarely drink blood, but they can rob people, animals, and crops of their vitality to enhance their own. They can also leave their own physical bodies at night to travel in animal form such as that of a wolf, a dog, a cat, a hen, or a raven, or as a small glowing ball or spark of light.”

So, I used the idea of “robbing vitality” of victims, in that my strige absorbs emotions from humans, as a form of sustenance.

I also liked the idea of being bird-like. I found some interesting references to owl-ish villians in classical texts – Ovid and Seneca the Younger both wrote of owl-like creatures who killed children at night.

Of course, I am not going to write about crazy owl-witch things that kill infants! Not very romantic at all. But I did like the idea of a creature who watches at night, who moves about in an animal way, and who is misunderstood. So I tried to replicate those qualities with my strige.

My strige, Theron, is a paranormal creature who always retains his human form. This is not a shape-shifting owl. He does move quickly, though, and he can seem to almost fly, at least to a human eye. His skills include mind manipulation – he can put humans into a sort of trance, as well as control their ability to move for short periods of time. He cannot read minds, but he can easily see emotions, so he has a good idea of what humans are thinking. His hearing and vision are enhanced, as well.

So he is smart, strong, and always knows what his partner is feeling…kind of sounds like a perfect boyfriend, no? I found this picture:


And I think it is a much better inspiration picture for Theron J

If you are interested in more inspiration pictures and background on Night Vision, check out my pinterest page.

Thanks so much, JT, for having me here!



Theron Antonopolis, a strige, feeds on human emotion. In a tranquil suburban neighborhood, his best meals come from a quiet systems administrator who’s become more than a source of nourishment for Theron—Alex Rowler is an obsession. Theron can no longer remain in the shadows. When they meet, any attraction Alex feels toward the sexy monster is overshadowed by his anxiety and distrust of Theron’s supernatural powers. But sensing the underlying arousal, Theron begins courting his human.  As months pass, Theron falls deeply in love, and the need to complete the strige bonding ceremony with his human lover becomes overwhelming. But a permanent commitment is too much, too soon for Alex, and he delays the joining, despite Theron’s insistence they are running out of time. As an unbonded pair, however, Theron and Alex draw the attention of the Midnight Parliament, and the lovers are brought to trial to determine their fate.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Amelia Bishop

  1. ameliabishop says:

    Thanks for having me on your blog, JT!

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