Review: Dark Space

dark space

Title:  Dark Space

Author: Lisa Henry

Publisher: self-published

Genre: M/M science fiction

Rating: 4.5 stars

This book was really well done. I don’t say that often about books–they have to hit me in the gut and stay with me afterwards. This one did. The author really wrings things out for the main character, making a happy ending seem impossible. There’s also some very creepy con-non-con things that go on in the book, raising the question of how much of a person’s sexuality is innate, and how much can be influenced by environmental factors.

What factors, you say?  Well the basic premise of the book is that a young first aid tech on a space station inadvertently forms a mental and physical bond with a pilot who’s been captured and returned by an alien race. They share thoughts, dreams, and even heart beats. And the pilot is gay.

So some could see this as a GFY book, but it’s not really. It’s about a bond that becomes so deep that in the end it doesn’t matter if a person is gay or GFY or what. But there are a lot of things with consent that are played with. I thought Ms. Henry did an actual job of skirting the line of creepy without falling into the deep end.

I liked the main character, how bitter and flippant he was. The tension was high throughout the book, which was excellent. If you like M/M science fiction, definitely put this one on your “To Read” list.


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