Progress report

Okay it’s the middle of the month (more or less) and time for me to do another progress report. I’m a little stressed this month because in almost exactly one week I’ll be going in for foot surgery, and I’ll be home for the next two weeks after that, recuperating. Why is this stressful?  Well for one, I hate anesthesia. I hate being knocked out in general. And then on top of that, my partner’s been home, and so I don’t know how much writing I’ll get done because I always find it difficult to write at home with all the distractions. And then there’s the pain meds. I’m hoping it’ll just be Vicadin, which because of my ADHD actually makes me more hyper rather than sleepy.

Last, I’m madly trying to get as much written on my M/M Romance “Don’t Read in the Closet” fiction, the M/M/M prompt. I’d like it more than halfway done before next Thursday so that if I’m out for a week it won’t hold me back too much.

Current WIPs:

1. DRitC M/M/M novella:  5650 words  (estimated 14-17k)

2. “The New Hire” (M/M short story, sequel to “The Foreman”)–finished, currently being edited, will be ready for beta reading by next week.

3.  M/M weretiger novel Forest of Claws and Thorns: 22,500 words    (estimated full length of about 50k)

4. YA paranormal M/M novel Flotsam and Jetsam:  20,000 words   (this one’s getting longer. I’m still going to say 60k for now, but we’ll see.)

And as soon as I’m done with the DRitC novella, I’ll be starting the next Oddities book.


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