Review: Released


Title:  Released

Author:  A. J. Ridges

Publisher: Self-published

Genre: M/M science fiction

Rating: 3 out of 5

The concept for this novella was okay, and I quite liked one of the opening scenes and the reason for the title–the “releasing” which was basically a mass masturbation scene, lol. The ending was fine as well, so overall, I enjoyed it. The three stars is because the language was clumsy at times, making me want to pull out my red editor’s pen. That’s a downside of being a full-time technical writer, I suppose.

I had one other issue, but I know this is just a personal issue for me. I’ve never liked the spelling of male seed as “cum.” For me this just equates the work with cheap porn. If a writer chooses to use this spelling, then really they should be using “cum” as a noun, and variants of “come” for the verb. Every time I saw “cumming,” I twitched and grimaced. Like I said, just a personal preference.

I think with some good editing this could have been much better, but for those who enjoy a quick dirty M/M novella, they’ll enjoy Released. The story particularly caters to the muscle-loving crowd.


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