First Reviews for The New Hire are here!

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Okay, the book officially releases tomorrow, but today I have a couple reviews to share for The New Hire, a short gay erotic fiction that continues the tale begun in The Foreman. So far, it has a solid 4.0 star rating on Goodreads.

JustJen (Thebloggergirls):

Evalise Archer:

I’ll address the one complaint that I’ve been hearing. I know, it’s short. 7500 words, a short story. I actually wrote the first one to be in an anthology, but when that didn’t happen, I decided to release it on my own. That one (The Foreman) got such a good response from readers that I decided to write a sequel. Will there be more?  Probably, although I don’t have immediate plans for the next one. Will the next one be a short story? Probably. Maybe I’ll push it a little longer, say 10k. But these are meant to be erotic shorts to be read in one sitting, that’s all. They’re little things that I can get out while I work on the big novels. Readers seem to be enjoying them, and that’s wonderful. Thank you, everyone.

And yes, the novels are coming. One is done and being looked at by publishing houses. Two more are about halfway done–one of those I will be publishing on my own, probably in December. And I’ve just started the second book of the Oddities series. If the first one doesn’t go to one of three publishers I’m looking at, I’ll publish that one myself as well.

Thank you to those who agreed to read The New Hire and review!  I always appreciate reader reviews, good or bad.


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