RELEASE DAY! Friday at the 7-Eleven (M/M/M)

I had a rough morning, but let’s not talk about that. Instead, let’s talk about my latest release out today from Torquere Press, “Friday at the 7-Eleven” available today!

fridayatthe7-eleven 400

Description: Brent’s a bully who picks on his workmate Alex. What Brent doesn’t realize, however, is that Alex wants him, but is too scared to ask. Meanwhile Brent’s convinced that all he needs is a firm hand to push him down and force him to be a good guy.

Then he meets Craig, an muscled veteran working at the local 7-Eleven. Craig knows a switch when he sees it, and Brent’s got it written all over him. He needs a hard takedown and some training to harness that sadistic side. Craig decides that what might be best is for all three of them to get together. Only by embracing honesty and self-control can each of them find what they need.

Genre:  Gay Romance, BDSM, Ménage (M/M/M), Erotic Fiction)

Length: Novella (17,000 words)

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Craig couldn’t help but chuckle, as the day’s events unfolded.

He’d had his eye on Brent for some time–weeks, in fact. Six feet tall with light brown hair in a neat cropped style, muscles that advertised his time at the gym, and gorgeous blue eyes. What was there not to notice? The guy scowled a lot, though, and moved with a jerky, decisive style. Brent was a guy used to giving orders, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Craig had known Brent would love taking orders. Yet, it had to be from somebody with the power and the balls to back it up. Happily, fifteen years as a Marine had given him that power.

As he cleaned up around the drinking fountain and the snack area, Craig grinned, recalling the feel of Brent’s mouth on his cock, the way the guy had challenged him, and then ended up begging for release. Brent’s little tagalong had been watching, too. Younger guy, blond and lean, probably more into running than lifting weights. Obviously a submissive, and pining after someone who might not give a fuck about him. But cute. Very cute.

Craig headed to the back to rinse off the cleaning rag, whistling to himself. Almost four o’clock and his shift would be over soon. He’d see if the young guy would actually show up, and more, if he’d have Brent with him.

He was just double-checking the cashier tabs when the bell over the door rang, and the younger guy walked in, looking hopeful and nervous. No sign of Brent yet. Nodding to his coworker, Craig walked over to greet the fellow and get a proper introduction, taking Alex to a back corner to talk.

“You never told me your name.” Craig crossed his arms, pinning the guy with a hard look.

The guy blushed and stammered out an apology. “Name’s Alex. Uh—Brent will be here. I didn’t tell him that I saw him with you. Are you going to tell him?” Now Alex’s nervousness made more sense. Not just worried about the evening, but what his heartthrob was going to say when Brent found out the guy had been playing Peeping Tom.

Craig bit his lip to stop his smile. He wasn’t angry. Never had been. But he had to maintain his hard looks. Control was such an aphrodisiac for him, and here the guy was just handing it over to him. “Well, I don’t know,” he answered, glancing out the glass doors to see if Brent’s truck was in view. Nothing yet. He looked back at Alex. “What do you think will happen if I tell him?” He didn’t yet know the nature of their relationship. Soon, it would become important to know, if all his plans were to go forward.

Alex paled. “He’d probably kick my ass. He’s a bully. He slaps me around on the job if I don’t get everything right.” It looked like the words were hard for him to say, but his voice sounded firm. Craig had some grudging respect for him.


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