Review: Rentboy


Title: Rentboy

Author: Fyn Alexander

Publisher: Loose ID

Genre: MM Romance, Suspense

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed this tale about a scrappy London college student grappling with an abusive father, alcoholic mother, and autistic siblings. There was a good mixture in the plot of mystery, danger, suspense, and romance. I liked both the main characters, as well as the other key players. I also particularly liked that it was easy to tell this was written by a native of the UK in general and possibly of London in particular. The language felt authentic and quirky. The sex was okay–I’m not really into exhibitionism, so I sort of skimmed those parts.

I did have issues with the book, however. The writing is really uneven–there’s way too much telling in parts, and sometimes the writing is just plain clunky. I think it could have been better edited. There are parts that are just plain unrealistic as well. I took it as a spy movie kind of fantasy, and let that part go. I get that Edward is socially naïve, a nerd, etc. But I found his lack of believing in Fox’s explanations not fitting with the Edward who is first introduced in the book. Things were just a little too convenient at times.

I’m going to assume that the writer is still in a fairly early stage of development. If I’m wrong, then Fyn needs to take a closer look at the work, and try to even things out a bit. I think a lot of explanation could have been cut from the book without losing anything, and it would have been better.


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