Vice and Exploitation now on Amazon, AllRomance Ebooks, and more!

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The day is here!  You can now download my M/M/M novella written for the “Don’t Read in the Closet” event on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and more!  It’ll probably still be a few days before it’s available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iBooks.

I’ll add links as they go live. Please note that this fiction is offered for free at most vendors, but Amazon requires notice from customers to match the free price. For now, I have it at the minimum amount allowed, 99 cents. I would appreciate fans emailing Amazon to let them know the book is available free on other sites.

Amazon:  Currently in review.

All Romance Ebooks:


iBooks: Currently in review.

Barnes and Noble: Currently in review.  (Also wouldn’t allow me to set it to free)


It’s Travis’s first professional modeling shoot–or so he thinks. So why is his photographer pulling out a badge and a gun, and why is the SWAT team storming the place? Travis thinks maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to reveal to the handsome guy that he’s always had this fantasy about being topped by two muscular guys.

Or maybe it was the best idea he’d ever had. Travis is about to find out what happens when two gay Vice cops with a secret love affair decide to add a third, to add to their BDSM play.


(Original prompt from Goodreads: )

Dear Author,

I never expected the cops to bust in on my photoshoot! How was I supposed to know that the modeling agency was just a front for prostitution? I’m not a hooker! You’d think the two Vice cops would have better things to do than to keep shooting me glances. What is with all the smirks? It’s not my fault they won’t let me get dressed! What am I going to do now? Why do I get the feeling I’m not ready for what I read in their eyes?


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