Review: Unconditional Surrender — an M/M Military Bundle


Title: Unconditional Surrender:  an M/M Military Bundle

Publisher: Cat Grant Books

Genre: Gay Romance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This was a REALLY big anthology, over 900 pages long, with several novellas from different authors. I found it to be something of a mixed bag. Some stories were great, many were okay, but a few were bad enough that I flipped past them.


Cruise Control, by Kerry Adrienne:  This was a cute story about a guy who needs to slow down and another guy who needs some excitement in his life. I enjoyed the atmosphere the author created, and there was a good blend of sex, conflict, and resolution.

Resilient Heart by Annabeth Albert: This story wrenches your heart, going into the effects of recovering from amputation and PTSD. Another really good one that focused a lot on issues being resolved.

Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews:  My favorite of the bunch. Hot but angry Canadian Captain meets laid back Eskimo. You’d better believe the sparks fly in the Arctic cold.

Civilian Master by Cassandra Carr: A funny and sexy meeting between two old friends and their introduction into BDSM. What’s not to like there?

Hometown Hero by Sasha Devlin:  This was another cute story with a mixture of awkwardness, humor, and awwww moments.

Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse:  I really liked this one because the author dared to use a native of Afghanistan as one of the pair. Really great musings about how things are in that part of the world as well.

The Houseboy: Initiation, by Amelia C. Gormley. HOT. But what else would I expect from her? An excellent BDSM gangbang M/M story.

The Only One Who Cares, by Cat Grant:  Soldiers and a wayward girl, and a baby. This story took some interesting turns, dealing with PTSD in a few different ways, as well as the fear of becoming parents. I liked that not all the veterans were heroes.

Flight Risk, by L.A. Witt:  This one was rather a roller coaster, and a very enjoyable one at that. Interesting theme involving chronic pain, and I liked the flavor of the setting in Okinawa.

The BAD:

Storm Out,  by Brit Blaise:  This one was so awful I only made it through a few pages before flipping past it. It seemed to have every cliché in the book.

Blood & Peyote by Rhi Etzweiler:  Yeah, I couldn’t get into this one either.


His Guarded Heart by Lia Davis:  I kept trying to like this one, but it kept throwing me off, and I never really connected with it. Great premise, so-so delivery.

Irresistible Forces by EM Lynley:  This one started out great, then slowly died a painful death. It had another great moment in the bathhouse, but overall the story was just uneven, and I ended up skimming the last couple chapters.


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