Monthly Progress Report

Okay well it’s mid-August and it’s time to see how projects are going.

I had a rough summer, with teen troubles, partner troubles, and work that was insanely busy. So I haven’t been writing at the pace I was at the beginning of the year. Still, I had set an annual goal of 125,000 words this year minimum.

As of today, I’m at 149,049 words written for the year. This does not include any revisions or edits where words might be added. So that’s not bad.

Current WIPs:

  1. Forest of Thorns and Claws (MM Weretiger novel): Currently 35,789 words.  Estimated length: 50k-60k
  2. YA Paranormal MM Romance (title being reworked per my daughter’s suggestions): Currently 31,687 words. Estimated length: 60k-70k.
  3. Oddities Book 2: Fraud and Extortion (MM Paranormal Mystery/Suspense): Currently 12,346 words. Estimated length: 90k.
  4. Erotic serial romance (may or may not be under this name): Currently about 30k in 2 parts, will be ending up about 5 parts. Total estimated length: 80k)–I’ll probably start publishing once I have 3 or 4 parts done.

And just because it’s Monday and I have a sinus infection and could use some happy eye candy, here’s some eye candy. (From Deviantart, and yes it reminds me of my YA boys, Adrian and Lucas)



2 thoughts on “Monthly Progress Report

  1. Lorraine Baker says:

    Keep smiling, you are doing well and we all can get side-tracked by life. don’t worry that you might not be where you had hoped, you have written so many words, as a non-author I cannot comprehend it.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us readers informed, Lorraine

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