Monthly WIP Writing Update

This month is crazy, and as far as my writing is concerned, there’s not much happening. I’ve been acting as project manager at work and supervising temp workers, and at home there’s been drama, so I’ve been having to fight for every free moment to write. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to make progress!  My goal is to have “Forest of Thorns and Claws,” my MM Weretiger novel, out by Christmas. I’m also still waiting on word from a publisher on the first book of the Oddities series as I work on the second book. I’m hoping to hear within the next few weeks!

Also, I’ve got a little poll for everyone. I’ve been working on a serial, M/F alpha male, submissive female BDSM romance. Since I’m starting to focus more on my LGBT titles under this name, I’m debating whether to publish this serial under this name or another name. What do you guys think? Do you care if some of my books aren’t LGBT? Do those of you who read MMromance read any hetero erotic romances?  I’d appreciate some feedback before I make my decision. The serial is just about halfway done.


… and apparently WordPress’s Poll function no longer works. So please comment below!

Works in progress:

  1. “Forest of Thorns and Claws,” (MM Weretiger), currently 39,323 words, estimated length 50,000.
  2. “Flotsam and Jetsam,” (MM YA Paranormal), currently 33,586, estimated length 65,000.
  3. “Vice and Exploitation,” (Book 2 of the Oddities series, MM Paranormal Mystery/Suspense), currently 17,034 words, estimated length 90,000.

and also:

  1. “Deena and the Professor,” (M/F BDSM serial), currently 2.25 out of 5 episodes done, estimated total length 80,000 words.
  2. Fantasy novel (other pen name), currently 73,788 words, estimated length 115,000.



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