Shh! New serial first part now on pre-order…

Shhh… yes, it’s coming out now. My alter-ego (Trudy Judd) has the first part of her ten part serial up for pre-order on Amazon, Smashwords and ARE. If you’re one of my MMromance fans, this isn’t that. This is a M/f BDSM erotic romance that skirts the line between erotica and romance. Yes, there will be a happy ever after by the end, but there’s a long sexual journey to get there. Deena Hancock just started college, and she’s desperate to leave behind her nice girl past and delve into her naughtiest fantasies. When her Psych professor, a handsome fellow in his thirties with a slight European accent, catches her playing with a paddle in class, Deena decides he’d be the perfect fit. If only she can convince him!

Along her journey, Professor Alex Sturm will introduce Deena to things like spanking, vanilla sex (her first time), anal play, bondage and sensation play, punishment and caning, her first lesbian experience, finally moving into her ultimate fantasy of being gangbanged by several men at once.

Each month a new episode will come out, and then they’ll be bundled–the first five episodes, and then the latter five episodes. This serial runs pretty traditionally into the male dominant/female submissive Master/slave dynamic.


Amazon page:


Smashwords page:

Deena one v4 200 x 300


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